Djordje Stijepović

World's best slap style upright bass player! Leads contemporary rockabilly band Atomic Sunset, plays/ed in the Head Cat with Lemmy (Motorhead) and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Fishtank Ensemble (America's premier world music gang), Havana Whisper, Shira u'tfila, Marsya and other top level creative bands. Djordje Stijepovic is a close friend to Creative Destruct!

Shira u'tfila

This group has the clear mission of reviving the Jewish Balkan music tradition, a goal that is definitely approached with tremendous seriousness. In spite of that, their totally modern improvisation includes not only a punk-rockabilly double bass and the passionate contributions of Filip Krumes on violin, but also the unambiguous and unique sound of qanun (a kind of Jewish sitar), played by the renowned musician from Israel, Elad Gabbay.